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CNC Machine Maintenance 

CNC Machine Maintenance 

Dolby Machine Tool Solutions Ltd offer both annually planned maintenance and six monthly health check contracts.

CNC Accuracy Check

CNC Accuracy Check

Our CNC maintenance packages help identify potential problems with your machine at an earlier stage to prevent larger, more expensive work in the future.

We provide reliable, cost effective CNC maintenance packages to minimise your downtime and increase productivity.

Undoubtedly, having your CNC machine serviced on a regular basis gives you an up to date, comprehensive report on its performance and capability, allowing you to make small adjustments along the way to extend your machines life.



Annual Planned Maintenance

The maintenance visits are carried out by our highly qualified engineers. It consists of a full machine service and accuracy check with both a test bar and granite square.

Six Monthly Health Check

The six monthly health check will consist of our engineers carrying out a visual check of the machine and its components. The engineers also perform a machine accuracy check.




Each of our engineers are equipped with a Tablet device. This enables them to document their findings, recommendations and capture before & after images during their visit.
A report is then compiled and sent to the customer.

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