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Machine Slideway Refurb

Dolby Machine Tool Solutions have carried out several successful Machine Slideway Refurbishments.

We can provide a service on a single CNC component or if necessary we can fully rebuild your complete Machine Slideway system.

Some issues are easily rectified, for example if your Machine Slideway has accuracy issues then this is usually caused by the oilways to the slides clogging up. This then causes the turcite to wear extremely fast due to little or no lubrication. This is something we can fix for you.

Machine Slideway Refurbishment Full Package

Machine Process

  • The axis is disassembled.
  • We then transport it to our workshop where the old turcite is removed.
  • The new turcite is then fitted.
  • The turcite is then ground and new oilways milled in.
  • Hand scraping is carried out to achieve the best accuracy.
  • We will try and maintain the accuracy produced by the machine builder for example under 10 microns in 300mm on all axis reground, this is subject to condition and wear in the base of the machine.
  • We have produced this on all of our refurbishments.

References are available upon request.

Take a look at some of our previous work by visiting our news feed.

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