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Matsuura MAM-500 PC12 Machine Move

  • Date: 11/06/2019
  • Category: General

Dolby Machine Tool Solutions have a vast knowledge when it comes to moving CNC Machine Tools. Whether it is a complete factory move or a machine move within your facility, we have the experience and skill set to do this for you.

Here is an example of one of our recent CNC machine relocation:

One of our customers had purchased a Matsuura MAM-500 PC12 machine and requested we re-locate it to their Facility.

Dolby Machine Tool Solutions carried out the Decommission and Recommission of the Matsuura MAM 500 PC12.

MAM 500 PC12

MAM 500 PC12

MAM-500 PC12

Dolby MTS Engineer working on the MAM-500 PC12

The full CNC machine move package is carried out from start to finish:

  • Our CNC Engineers complete a full alignment check on your machine before de-commission.
  • We then transport the CNC Machine using lifting equipment organised and provided by ourselves.
  • The machine is then chemically anchored to concrete or similar substrates. We inject a resin into the hole prior to insertion of the stud. With this, the chemical naturally fills in all irregularities and therefore makes the hole airtight, with 100% adhesion. This extra adhesion creates extra strength.
  • Upon the relocation of your machine a full geometry check is carried out guaranteeing the same or better accuracy.
  • The machine is then re-commissioned.

To see more examples of our CNC Facility moves please click here.

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